New astro camera arrived..

I sourced a nice Samsung SCB-4000 video camera through one of the video-astronomy Yahoo groups, and the camera arrived from South Africa recently. Testing it has been eye opening as to the sentitivity of this camera, and how well it performs under light pollution. It easily pulled about 2 magnitudes deeper than my naked eye could see in moderate moonlight, using a cheap f1.4 zoom lens working at about 8mm. The 1/2″ chip does make it harder to get wide angles without vignetting. I haven’t yet attached it to a scope, partly as the tv that I was using for …

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Moved house! (a few months ago..)

I’ve just realised that I hadn’t updated here that I had moved house. A few months ago I had to move away from Cois Ghruide where I’ve had a presence since late 2006, when the house owner decided to simplify his renting of the house. I moved to an end-of-terrace house in a nearby estate, taking over the rental of the 3 bed house myself. The new place has a few improvements over the old place. There’s a fireplace so I can have an open fire again, that’s something that I have missed when in the Duplex. There’s also a …

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Check out my 41.4 km Ride

Check out my 41.4 km Ride on Strava: Top 10 out of 650 riders on one of the routes in the Jump Park, in the top 8% of 1200 riders on the 4X course, and a 6:34 time on the full Chevannes DH course. Nice :-D

:) Kayak porn star.. I’m in this video of the Pyranha team van’s Slovenian exploits, as I placed on the podium of the Slovenian Soca Masters boatercross competition. :D

Zet Director

So, the other pre-Trip purchase this month was a new and shiny Zet Director, ordered from I-Canoe in Dublin. It’s a big behemoth of a boat, all the better to keep my heavy ass afloat in the Alps. 360l of volume, about 20kg or so of weight, and it’s quite comfortable to sit in. Shakedown paddle will probably be Saturday on the Castleconnell, where I’ll try not to scratch the arse out of it on the ~6 to 8 cumec of water that the ESB are letting down this season. At least I know the boat is easy to roll, …

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